Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So, What is Ward Date Night

For those new in the ward, which is many, you may be a bit leery about the concept of Ward Date Night. Well, let me put your minds at ease by providing mock dialog regarding this frightening (and somewhat required) event.

To make this more realistic, this dialog is between Elder Oaks, the Apostle most expert with dating and marriage, and Jeremy Struk, the ward member most likely to be concerned about this event.

imageElder Oaks, it is good to meet with you. My ward has this thing called Ward Date Night and I am a bit worried about this. Can you help me understand this scary concept?



imageJeremy, you have nothing to fear. Your wise Bishop and his great Relief Society President have invented this most inspired program to promote greater unity in your ward. Ward Date Night is nothing more than a ward activity that you all attend together only this time you come, stay, and leave with a date. You do know what a date is, right Jeremy?

imageHmmm… I heard about dating, but the whole concept is foreign to me. So, do I have to actually ask a girl out to attend this event?



imageTry not to stress over this. The Date Night Committee will gather a list of all those wishing to attend and they will determine who goes with whom. Yes, it is “randomly” assigned. This helps remove the awkwardness of the event. But, yes, you may have to actually contact a girl and ask her out. Sterling Scott is really good at this and is currently gathering information on this very topic. So you can ask him for advice.



What if I am in an exclusive relationship?



imageFirst of all, I don’t think you are, but I know there are people in your ward who have elevated their relationship to this level. Rest assured that the Date Night Committee will be sensitive to their needs. If you are in such a relationship, simply note it when you sign up and make sure you include the name of the person with whom you are exclusive. It would be best if you both put each other’s names on the list. Otherwise we will categorize it as a “wishful thinking” exclusive relationship.

imageWhat if I think I am in an exclusive relationship?



imageWell, you do have faith... But, as we know, faith without works is dead. This event can help you supply the work that is lacking. But don’t worry. It is a randomly assigned date and there is no hint of romantic entanglement. So if you are not in a real exclusive relationship, just accept the random assignment and you will be fine?

imageCan I invite people from outside the ward?



imageDo you know people outside the ward? This can be accommodated, but I would coordinate that with the Date Night Committee. Remember, they need to make sure that all ward members have dates. Let’s not make it so confusing.


imageWhat if I happen to develop a relationship with my assigned date after Date Night?



imageJeremy, isn’t that part of the reason why you are in a singles ward? Wake up and smell the pheromones….



Wow, I never thought I would see the day when a Apostle told someone to wake up and smell the pheromones.

So, I hope this mock dialog provided you enough information about Ward Date Night. I know Elder Oaks would have mentioned it, but I will remind you now. D&C 139:1 clearly states: “Thou shalt attend Ward Date Night.”

Look it up!