Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Week Ahead

It is very likely that many of you have left or are soon leaving. For some, you are moving on to new adventures. Others are simply getting in their last road trip before the semester starts. I, too, am on a road trip, well, I was. We just arrived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina a few hours ago after four days in a car. Talk about a road trip.

I will not return until just before the semester starts as I have to fly from North Carolina to Chicago for business. Yes, it is spy season and I need to make the world safe from Democracy….

While I am gone, I am still easily accessible via phone, text, or e-mail. So, feel free to contact me when needed.

Also, remember that our ward will be combining with the 246th ward. They meet at 1:00 as do we but they meet on the second floor of the Law School. Also, remember that we move to 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 26th.

So, have a great week. Stay in touch, and be safe. To all those who have or will be leaving the ward, thanks for making this the best Spring/Summer ever.