Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Proper Perspective

In light of the elections last night and the vitriol expressed by many through social media outlets, I feel it imperative to focus your attention on how to place these events in their proper perspective to help you develop a pattern for the future.

image As the Civil War raged on, President Lincoln faced the difficult task of seeking his second term amidst the flames of battle. The press predicated not only that President Lincoln would lose but that he would be embarrassed by his opponent General McClellan.

The nation had grown tired of war and blamed Lincoln for all that was wrong in their lives. The campaign was brutal. Both sides predicated that if the other party won it would be the end of the United States.

Lincoln won.

The nation endured.

This nation will always endure.

When the results of last night’s election became apparent, my wife was monitoring the responses from friends and family on Face Book. As you are all aware, many, whose candidate lost the election, starting posting extremely negative, even hateful responses. Among those posting were my wife’s family members.

image As their posting became more negative, my wife tried to make the case for more tolerance. Instead of tempering their emotions, these family members turned their venom on her. Such uncivil behavior is unbecoming of a Latter-day Saint. We are all better than that.

While many of our family and friends feel compelled to spew their disgust in a public forum, I am very pleased with the restraint I have seen from many of you who may be been equally disappointed but you, unlike those older and more experienced than you, were better able to measure your responses.

Please note, that as my friends and acquaintance feel justified in unfettered rants, I have explained to them how you have been very successful in being just as passionate for your beliefs without descending into the abyss of hate-mongering. I am very proud of you.

I think we can all learn from Governor Romney's concession speech where he stated publically that he would pray to God for the President's success. Mitt Romney is a great man. Great in victory and gracious in defeat.

So, please do your best to avoid the natural tendency to vent. Nothing good comes from the expression of raw emotion. I suggest you take the time to read what the Brethren say about last night’s election.