Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Ain’t High School

This post is directed at the male population of this ward but I encourage the sisters to read as well. I would really appreciate comments from anyone as this may be a bit lecture-y.

I have had a few complaints from the female population regarding questionable topics of casual conversation from the male population of our ward. Now, I am not assuming this is a rampant problem. In fact, I am convinced this is a very minor problem. But big or little, it is still a problem and one that is easily resolved.

First, I strongly recommend to all Priesthood holders, that you refrain from treating the sisters like one of the guys. They are not one of the guys and in most cases they resent being treated like one of the guys.

But how do you know if you are treating them like one of the guys? Well, with questions such as this, I always look for a pattern that is easy to apply.

If you are going to make a joke or say something that you hope to be funny, before you open your mouth, ask yourself if you would say that in front of or directed at your mother. If there is even the slightest chance that you would not, then don’t say it.

Second, learn to elevate your casual conversation. In High School, comments about bodily functions, body parts, and similar related topics are easy ways to get a quick laugh from the gang. Likewise, using off-colored language always got snickers from the pack. Those days are over.

It is just not funny any more. Sure, you may still get a laugh now and then, but the price to you is too high. A frequent return to locker room slang will only set you apart as one lacking the maturity to function in the adult world.

Is it worth it? I hope not.

Third, it is NEVER appropriate to make rude, insulting, or off-color comments about girl’s bodies in their presence. If you want a free pass to the social purgatory, make this mistake more than once. In fact, make it once and you may already be on the train to limbo.

Likewise, it is equally unacceptable to speak of girls is such a way when you are with the guys.

Come on Elders, let’s be men. Better yet, let’s be worthy of the priesthood you hold. Take the time to do some self-evaluation. Have the courage to make those course corrections necessary. We can all be better.

Sisters, don’t accept such disrespect. If you can, say something. If you can’t walk away. They will get the message.

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