Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Which Fork to Use?

image So, do you hate that awkward moment when you sit down at a table and there are more forks than you know what do to with? Or perhaps you sat down at a round table and could never quite determine which glass was yours. And what about that napkin? Does it stay on your lap, tuck into your collar, or do you really even need it? (Most guys don’t.)

Well, this is your lucky day. On Friday, November 2, we will have our second Ward Date Night of the semester. This is no ordinary Date Night because we are not ordinary ward. This Date Night will include a formal multi-course dinner, expert instructions on proper etiquette, basic dancing instructions, and a most wonderful time.

image Do all you can now to clear your calendar to attend this great event. It is the third time our ward as done this an each time all participants have had a great fun. More information will be coming in the next weeks.

image Lest you forget, D&C 139:1 reads: “Thou salt willingly attend Ward Date Night.”

We look forward to seeing you there.

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