Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nike – The Symbol of Victory

image For those well-versed in Greek mythology, you are likely aware that Nike was the goddess of victory. Well, today, my good friend Nike smiled upon me as I faced Kyle Nelson, my nemesis in racquetball. After countless months of stinging defeats, today was a most amazing victory.

Fear not, lest you think I am boasting. While Kyle has joined the rest of us mortals, I have a new nemesis – Mary Culverwell. Now Mary may seem sweet and all, but she is really quite vicious. She “accidentally” struck me with her racquet.

image Sure, she looked all apologetic, but I could tell there was method to her madness. From then on, whenever she swung her scary razor-lined racquet I would cower in the corner expecting her to come after me.

Mary, I am awaiting a rematch. This time I will wear a full suit of armor

But, back to Kyle. Now that I have defeated him, he promised to redouble his effort towards getting married. So, any sister in our ward who may have interest, please come see me on Sunday. I am fully in charge of his social life from now on.

image Thanks to all who came and played this morning. We will do it again in a few weeks after I recover from Mary’s cruel racquet.

Post written from the ER…

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