Monday, September 3, 2012


What could DAP stand for?

image Well, of course, it is the abbreviation for the Drama Abatement Program. Now, if your are unclear what the word abatement means, I added the link.

One of the biggest threats to ward unity is apartment or inter-apartment drama. The chief cause of such drama is the lack of clear communication. So, I feel if we focus our attention on clear communication then we will see success with the DAP.

image So, how can we all participate in enhancing communication and eliminating drama? The best tool I know of is regular apartment inventory. Those who served a mission are already familiar with this concept as they had companionship inventory or a weekly basis.

I am convinced that if it is good enough for the Lord’s missionaries, then it is good enough for each apartment. But apartment inventory is not exactly the same as companionship inventory. Here is what I suggest:

1. Set up a time, most likely on Sunday, when you can all sit down for no more than 15 minutes.

2. Make sure there is food because food makes everything easier (except losing weight).

3. Go around the room and let each roommate have an opportunity to express any concerns.

4. Never gang up on other roommates. Talk about the issues and not the people.

5. Never accuse. Accusation ends dialog. No dialog, no communication.

6. Be open minded. The minute you think you are guiltless is the minute you have made a mistake.

I challenge each apartment to hold their first apartment inventory on or before Sunday, September 9. Please share with me how things went and any ideas from which other apartments may benefit. 

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