Saturday, October 27, 2012

It is Almost Here

No, this is not about the elections. Rather this is about something almost equal in importance. You guessed it – Ward Date Night!!!

Let me make sure you all have clarity about the evening so that any misgivings can be avoided.

Exemption from the dancing ban. Yes, I know I have classified dancing as one of the seven deadly sins. You guys don’t listen to me anyway, so don’t use my aversion to dancing as an excuse not to come. To be clear:

  • This is not a ward dance.
  • Your are not expected to be an experienced dancer.
  • You will not walk away from this event proficient in dancing.

Sister Mullen will be teaching all aspects of etiquette that will be used at some time in your life. Her main goal is to prepare you for the real world, most especially, the business world. She uses basic dancing skills to provide you greater confidence is an unfamiliar word. So don’t stress over the dancing.

This is a date, albeit assigned. Guys, once you are told who your date is, you MUST contact her immediately and go through that painful process of asking her out. I would encourage you to have this done by Tuesday, if not earlier. Because this is an “assigned” date, the normal pressure that attends the dating game is gone. She will say yes.

Girls, you will say yes, right?

The dress is Sunday formal. Do not spend any money renting fancy clothes. This is not prom. Rather wear what you would to church. If you are military, you are welcome to wear your dress uniform. We will all be impressed.

There will be food. The food will be great and there will be enough for all. You will be served by experienced waiters (well, maybe not that experience).

You will have fun! No, this is not by way of commandment. But Sister Mullen makes the whole evening great. Also, you will be with fellow ward members and any time we get together we have fun.

If you have not signed up, please do so as soon as possible. Contact Rachel Winiecke today.

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  1. I can't fully explained why, but the combination of this post and a post a read last night on a friends blog have prompted my entry into the world of blogging. World, watch out!