Thursday, July 5, 2012

Understanding Covenants, Part 3

So, after that last lengthy post, let’s see if we can conclude with this segment.

image What we discovered was that at times is seems like God is absent when it comes to Him doing His part in keeping covenants. As a reminder, we left the Children of God in bondage for what to them seemed to be for no reason at all. God is quite good at keeping us guessing at times.

But as their story concludes, we will see that God purposely arranged this awful situation to teach them and to teach us the personal nature of a covenant. The story ends with God not freeing the people from their awful plight at first. Rather, He miraculously lifts all their burdens that they did not feel them upon their backs. This is the key.

When we make a covenant with God, all we need to do is prove faithful in keeping that covenant and God will always lift the burden of that commandment or covenant so that we can succeed. Isn’t this exactly what missionaries promise their investigators as they struggle to keep the new commandments that are required to be baptized?

A covenant, then, binds us in a very personal way to God. He creates the condition forimage the covenant, we prove faithful, and He lifts the burden so that we can succeed. This is the very foundation of how God brings to pass our immortality and eternal life.

So, when you ponder the covenants we have made, or soon will make, you must look for those small and simple ways God lifts your burdens so that you can succeed. This is what King Benjamin taught his people and is the critical component in recognizing the love God has for you. Most important, this will help you better understand your individual worth.

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