Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Doctrine of Christ

image We have the rare opportunity in this stake to have President Richard Heaton as a member of our Stake Presidency. As a handful of you know, President Heaton is the director of the MTC and in that capacity he has his finger on the pulse of the leadership of the church.

Last Sunday, in our Stake Bishop’s meeting, President Heaton shared with us some  imagecritical counsel that was presented by the Brethren to the new mission presidents. They call this focus the Doctrine of Christ.This counsel is nothing new. But it shows the direction that President Monson is pushing the church. This gives us the opportunity to see if we are aligned with that direction.

Through this next series of blog post, I will share with you what President Heaton relayed to the Bishops and give my commentary. I urge you to ponder these thoughts and in your personal study time, seek to gain greater clarity about how this direction will impact you and what course corrections you may need to make.

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